The World Club is a club in the Arceusrules98's Trilogy and was started by Mike per Karla's request, and both as well as Merry are the first members. Soon, also the other Apprentice Gods joined the club to try figure out who is sending the mysterious messages, and who is messing with their worlds. In the Cross-over, the World Club and the Scandinavian Alliance fuse into the Light Beta.

Later, in My Classmate is a God, Vivianne creates a forum, and together with Tobias they heavily protect it as to prevent hacking so that Dark Alpha wouldn't get in and find their information. You can see the forum from the inside, but with an account you wouldn't be able to see it from the inside. Tobias installed more pre-measures in case Dark Alpha would make an account. Karin found the forum and Ritsuko told her about the situation. Karin dissapeared sometime after the Second Book.


Merry, 12 years old, 7th Grade

Mike, 12 years old, 7th Grade

Karla, 12 years old, 7th Grade

Hannes, 12 years old, 7th Grade

Robin, 13 years old, 8th Grade

Tobias, 13 years old, 8th Grade

Deb, 13 years old, 8th Grade

Vivianne, 14 years old, 9th Grade

Rose, 14 years old, 9th Grade

Karin, 15 years old, 9th Grade

Ritsuko, Middle-age

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