Profile of Vivianne
Age 14
Grade 9th Grade
Affiliations World Club
Appearances My Classmate is a God
Nicknames Vintagianna
She is one of the main characters of My Classmate is a God by Arceusrules98. She is 15 years old and goes to 9th grade. She is also the oldest member of the World Club.


Just like her cousin Hannes, she is an animal-lover and is especially fond of kitties. She also likes dressing up in weird clothes at the most random of moments. When Mike and Merry first met her, she wore a temple outfit but she quickly told them it was just for looks and she doesn't really work at a temple. She is often claimed to be one of the most colorful people living in the city, not only because she is an excellent artist, but because of her random humor.

Vivianne is a collector of tea, and her favorite kind of tea is green tea. Some might even call her teaholic. She also collects vintage objects, especially pottery, but furniture is also a big interrest. Thus, Vivianne goes to a lot of auctions with her father. Due to her expertise in tea, Vivianne works at a cafeteria specialized in tea, called The Teal whose main color is teal.

She often goes headfirst into situations too great for her to handle, like multitasking. When they were going to save Karla from the evil organization, Vivianne claimed she was going to fight Gretel while the other saved the hostages. That didn't go too well as Vivianne was defeated almost instantly.


Vivianne has a high expertise in both tea and vintage objects, especially pottery, furniture and mirrors. She collects as much of it as she can, and owns several old books about it. Due to this, she has a special working spot at The Teal, the local tea cafeteria, and she will probably never be fired.

However, she also has a way with animals, especially cats and kitties. She seems to have some strange ability understanding the cats, something wich makes Hannes very jealous.

Vivianne is also a great artist, and has several paintings made by her in her room. She goes to many auctions to buy vintage objects, however she also sells some paintings to earn the money to buy.



  • Vivianne can be considered a Mary Sue due to her many talents.
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