Team Omega is the main antagonists of Pokemon Gilded Legends, and can be met throughout the game. Their motives are kept rather secret as they travel from location to location in the Mungam region. The leader of the team, Nerium, keeps her true motives to herself, while leading the rest of the team to their next location. The team as a whole though studies the various legendary pokemon that live throughott the world, focusing mostly on the ones living nearby. Their main focus is to capture and use the powerful pokemon Jewla and Combeb and use them to summon other legendaries, mainly Infinidra.

The player has to face multiple leaders of the group, all who specialize in different pokemon. The various leaders of the group are Hoshi, Seiun, Ginga, and Kuro. All four leaders help lead the numerous other grunts of the team. The main pokemon Team Omega likes to use is Skelpyr and Weral.