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The trilogy is a book series written by Floralpikmin99 and consists of 3 books as of yet called The Time Keeper, The Dream Chaser and The Memory Finder. One thing they have in common is the inclusion of the Secret Tribes.

The three books follow a different group of characters each time, allowing the reader to read the three books in any order with litte to no confusion. Yet they do follow the order of The Time Keeper, The Dream Chaser, and finally The Memory Finder.

The three books were written in the same grade of the main character. The only book that breaks this pattern is The Memory Finder, which was written in 8th grade along with The Dream Chaser. This was because the sereies started in 7th grade, as well as Floralpikmin99 never went to a public 6th grade unlike 7th and 8th grade.

At the end of the Memory Finder, it seems to be hinting of another hidden tribe and a possible 4th book to the series, but this has yet to be confirmed by Floralpikmin99.