The Secret Tribes are a variety of Species found in the Secret Tribes-trilogy by Floralpikmin99 that she plan to publish. She also uses these tribes in other works such as GALAXY, but they have yet to make their first appearance. There are currently six unique creatures that are under this category.

The TribesEdit

The main six creatures are Crystal SpriteDregiansFerosSoulfliesDream Angels, and Water Warriors. The six creatures seem to correlate with the different varieties of animals on the planet, for example Dregians represent Reptiles while Crystal Sprites represent Insects.

Crystal spriteEdit

They rule the element of Ice.


They rule the element of Fire.


They rule the element of Earth.


They rule the element of Light.

Dream AngelEdit

They rule the element of Wind.

Water WarriorEdit

They rule the element of Water.

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