Rendorou is the third Nightmare Floralpikmin99 made for her literature series GALAXY. He is a Nightmare that controls the element of water. He also is a more evil member of the nightmare side. He is a much more strategical fighter and is the one who truly works for his team's cause.

Rendorou's concept art


Rendorou prefers to stay alone in his own domain with nothing more than the company of his side heads. The heads have a brain, personality, and thoughts of their own, making them another dangerous force in battle. Only the middle head can use Telepathy, and has the stronger powers. 

The Middle head has a more serious personality, usually making him the one to do the major fighting, the Right is the one who usually supports the Middle head by jabbing at foes with his crest. The Left head is the sense of reason, and usually ends up sparing a foe, leaving the entire body at risk.