There are several projects currently planned or worked on by Team Edogg for the server Edogg, and this is a page that will list and explain them.

The Spawn VillageEdit

The Spawn Village is a village that will be built at spawn of the new server after the restart.

The SubwayEdit

The Subway is a project that is owned by Arceusrules98 and being worked on by him and Floralpikmin99. It is supposed to connect all the places on the continent in the future.

A better and more efficient subway connecting to The Nether Subway will be built when the server is restarted.

The Little village of EdoggEdit

The Little village of Edogg is a generated village in the Edogg Desert that is currently contained by a wall and owned by Arceusrules98, but dedicated to the entire server.

A new Little Village will have to be found when the server is restarted for 1.7.

Hub VillageEdit

The Hub Village is a village owned by Floralpikmin99 and a work-in-progress. Every person on the server need to move in and roads are currently being built by Floral. It is located on the Goodness Plains.

A new Hub Village will be made when the new server comes up, but this will be more of a city because it will be much larger.

Cookie VillageEdit

Cookie Village is a village that requires protection and repopulation. It is somewhat of a place to go to if you stop by the Horse Outpost. It lies in the Cookie Desert.

Secret ProjectEdit

A mysterious project by Arceusrules98 that is located on Minerva Mountains.