Back to Floralpikmin99 Pokemon Gilded Legends is a Pokemon Fangame Floralpikmin99 and Arceusrules98 are working on. While the game itself isn't being coded right now, the Pokédex is being finallized by Flora and the story is also being finalized by Arceus.

Gilded Legends bases itself on the power of legendary Pokemon, and the true power of pokemon in general. The mascot legendaries are Jewla, Combeb, and Infinidra. The game also takes place in the region of Mungam. Mungam was also created, and polished by Arceus. 

The main antagonists for the game are also Team Omega and their leader Nerium.




Pr. Blueberry

Team Omega Edit

Nerium (Fairy)

Commander 1

Commander 2

Commander 3

Commander 4

Gym LeadersEdit

1. Hugo (Grass), Ali (Fire) and Angelina (Water) of Medusa City.

2. Ephemerelda (Ground) of Naja City.

3. Gale and Gust (Flying) of Caudata Town.

4. Jubilee (Electric) of Manta Town.

5. Judy (Ice) of Puffin Town.

6. Martin (Dark) of Lupe City.

7. Aurum (Psychic) of Pogona City.

8. Paisley (Dragon) of Kingii Town.

Elite FourEdit

Petra (Bug)

Elvis (Sound)

Moa (Light)

Eddy (Rock)

Arty (Normal)


It will be like a general pokémon game, but with a more complex and dark story. Also, you can encounter wild pokémon in each gym, and while the concept art makes the gyms look small, they are supposed to be kinda like Zelda dungeons. Arceusrules98 have tried his best to adapt gyms to be more like those dungeons. Also, you can choose any Elite Four in any order, and their rooms are quite a lot larger and like labyrinths.


Pr. Blueberry sends the player away on a journey to both become a Pokémon Master and beat Team Omega and their leader Nerium. Soon enough, it is discovered that Nerium's goal is to travel back in time and use both Combeb and Jewla to catch Infinidra of the Void, so she can change her own future for the better, wich is a foolish dream, as it cannot be fulfilled.



The creation of Pokemon Gilded Legends was set in motion by Floralpikmin99 when she saw Arceusrules98's gym leaders. Earlier, Floral had wanted to make a Pokémon game and had created an entire long Pokédex that Arceus had assisted with. Now that there were gym leaders and a decent story, they spent an entire summer developing the game. They planned it a whole summer, and during the fall 2013, Viktor decided to join in on the fun and redesign some gym leaders as well as design the frontier brains.


Mungam Locations
Towns and Cities

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