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Pirue is a game planned to be a game Floralpikmin99 is trying to design and hopes to be programmed by her father RealJclermont. Pirue is meant to be a Tablet based game that has the properties of Platforming, Puzzles, and Adventure.

Pirue is a character Flora made in school when she was bored. Unlike a few of her other characters, Pirue never went through any design change or even name changes. Pirue is a member of the Gilla species. However they aren't powerful enough to be their own tribe. Pirue is assisted with a Soulfly called Kira.

Pirue also takes place on a different planet, and focuses on tow Alien races. While Gillas are the protagonist team, a mysterious unknown race is the antaingonist.

The various levels are based on various warm regions, a Jungle, Desert, Volcaino, and Hot Spring. Since the game isn't too far in development, these are subject to change, and currently have no current information.





Pirue is going to have many puzzles to solve with the help of your soulfly Kira.



Jungle world

Desert world

Volcano world

Hot Spring world



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