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WARNING: This Page Contians Spoilers. Do not read if you plan to read the Book when It becomes public.

This book is about a girl called Merry who finds out that her big crush, Mike, is actually a god! Well, actually, god over his own little world. This world exists in a book he found once, and Merry finds out there's so much to his background she never knew. Together with some friends, they are members of the World Club.

The World Club works together with the mysterious Ritsuko to stop an evil organization known as Dark Alpha who tries to take the World Objects from them.


Main CharactersEdit








Secondary CharactersEdit






Minor CharactersEdit

Juliette (Hannes mom)

Gretel (Librarian)

Stephen (Delinquent)

Deb (Classmate of Tobias)

Tony (Mike's brother)

Glitter (Friend of Lenore)

Glimmer (Friend of Lenore)

Levi (Bodyguard of Robin)

Dimitri (Bodyguard of Robin)

Madilyn (Merry's cousin)

Rose (Vivianne's penpal)

Dark Alpha Edit

Margarette (North-America)

Homicide (Europe)

Fragment (Australia?)


Escargot (Africa?)



Volume 1Edit

In this volume, several aspects of the story are introduced like the World Objects, the 6 first main characters, the evil organization and the mysterious messages, and that there are additional functions to the worlds. The setting is not developed enough for exploring the worlds yet, wich will be experimented with in the next arc, after Karla becomes friends with the group, and stops working with the evil guys.

Part I (Day 1, Monday)Edit

Merry was just a usual student until the day she began 7th grade. She had to move because her dad had lost his job in their city, and so they moved to a city close-by. She knew she had a friend that moved to that city. They used to hang out when they were little, but lost contact after a while. He probably wouldn't recognize her anyway she thought. But he did, and she thought he had become cute to her embarassment. Karla, one of Merry's new classmates had been his first friend when he moved, so they were pretty much childhood friends they to. It seemed like she liked him to, but was kind of tsundere.

After a harsh day of cold looks from Karla, Merry went home and suddenly got visited from Mike, the guy from her childhood. He told her not to mind Karla, she was just shy, and the two of them share a special secret. For a second, Merry got the wrong idea, and Mike told her it was nothing like she thought. He picked up a thick book he had found at the local library. It kind of called him. His ambitions, dreams and wishes was reflected onto the world inside the book, and when he opened it he found himself in a world that looked just like his own, but all wars had suddenly disappeared. He was about to say something, but shook it off and just looked at Merry. She didn't beleive him.

Thus, Mike opened the book and they entered. They appeared to not have moved. But Merry noticed that the house was practically without furniture. Mike explained that in his world, Merry's family hasn't moved into the city, and probably never will. He says that there's an equivalent version of almost every person in his world, and a small girl that looked almost exactly like Mike ran up to him. She called him bigger brother. But Mike doesn't have a sister. He said her named was Maria, and in this world he had a littlesister. Merry still found it hard to beleive, so he told her that World War 1 and 2 never occured in his world, nor did September 11. There has NEVER been any war in the modern era in his world because of his wishes. It only erased the wars he knew of tho.

Then, they exited the book, and Merry was astonished. She beleived him, for on the pages of the book there stood exactly what had just happenned. Mike explained that Karla also owns a world, but hers is inside a ring. He wanted to share this secret with her for the sake of old friendship.

Part II (Day 2, Thuesday)Edit

In school, Karla scolds Mike for showing his world to Merry, saying it is disrespectful. And to top it of, he told her about her own world as well. Karla grabs Merry by the arm and drags her into another corridor and pulls her up the wall. She whispered that no matter what, Mike is hers, and she proceeded to throw her on the grown and kick on her legs. Mike told her to stop the sudden violence, but Karla just frowned and walked away leaving Merry crying.

Hannes, a shy kid with an emo-haricut has recently moved into the city at the same time as Merry. In fact, they're parents know eachother because of that fact and they are almost neighbors! However, Merry and Tobias doesn't know eachother very well. The one Tobias is really after is Karla, whom he fell in love with almost immediately after falling in love with her. He believes it's fate, and has been stalking her since yesterday when school started. He likes her because she is such an otaku. She has green hair, purple fake horns, a hoodie, neat headphones and a video-game otaku! Hannes himself loves video-games, especially Role-playing games.

He was astonished to see Karla beat Merry up like that, but didn't stop his stalking there. However, he helped Merry up on her feet. He asked them what they think about Karla, if they think she is bad. Merry said she is certainly the rudest person she has met, and the first person who ever dared to touch her. In her last school, Merry was feare because of her expertise in martial arts. Mike and Hannes was impressed, it was nothing the expected from her. She said beating up Karla wasn't worth the effort. Mike however, defended her, saying beating up somebody like that was not like her. Merry isn't sure wether Karla is a tsundere or a yandere.

Mike asked Hannes if he wanted to follow them to the library, he was going to show Merry all the good books that could be found there. He accepted, astonished how he suddenly got a friend just by talking a little. Merry said it wouldn't hurt to get new friends, especially since both recently moved in. But on the way there, Hannes said he forgot he was supposed to cook dinner for his mother, and had to run home. They exchanged number before that, and Merry complimented his phone. However, on the way home, he saw Karla talking to somebody. He heard her talking about stealing Mikes world book.

Mike and Merry asked the librarian, Gretel, where a certain book was located. His favorite book, The Crystal Pigeon was not were it was supposed to be. Gretel said it had been loaned out to somebody else. Karla, from their class, had loaned it. Mike said they simply had to ask Gretel to see the book next time, but Merry hesitated. Merry had to go home, but before that, she said Mike had to tell her everything Karla and he had done up until now.

Part III (Day 2, Thuesday - Day 4, Thursday)Edit

Hannes was surprised that Karla knew about the world objects. She asked him how much of her conversation he had heard. He had heard enough to know that Karla targeted Mike's book, and sought to steal it. He said that there are millions of millions of people inside a world object, and that it is wrong to take it from it's rightful owner. He had to defeat her. He took up his cellphone, and said that his world existed inside his phone. Karla seemed impressed by the sudden change of attitude, and asked him what he was going to do.

Karla pointed her hand towards Hannes, and showed her ring. She said she had her own ring. Depending on ones own wishes, ambitions and dreams, the objects form and the world it contains will change. When she was little, all Karla wanted was to play videogames all day long, and so her world turned into a virtual playground. But that also enables her to use certain aspects of her world in the real world. She can turn her ring into a controller, and controll certain things in the real world, for example. She smiled when she saw fear in Hannes eyes. She told him not to worry too much, because she IS on the good side. She just has something important to do first, before she can properly choose wich side she is on.

Hannes said he didn't know their objects could do such a thing. Karla said that maybe she is lying and just wants to mess with his brain. But unfortunately, she aren't. Hannes says he would like to know why Karla wants to destroy Mike's book, but she refuses. Suddenly, a mysterious blonde guy with a long fringe appears and scares Karla. He introduces himself as Tobias to Hannes, but Karla already knows him. Suddenly, SHE are the scared one and runs away. Tobias says that he could give hannes all the answers if he wants to. But he claims the time for that has not arrived yet. Confused, Hannes just proceeds to go home.

In school, Mike notices how Karla glares mysteriously at both Hannes and Merry, who tries to stay close to him to be protected. Mike silently asks why Merry is hiding behind him when she are like 100 times stronger than him, to wich she replies that Karla was an intimidating personality. Karla casually explains to Mike that Hannes also owns one of those worlds, and it is inside his cellphone. Merry suggests starting a club since they are a couple of people now that share the same secret. Karla initially refused, but she thought maybe it will get her closer to Mike's book. However, the principal said they didn't have enough money to waste on a club with such little members.

The next day however, the principal shows them their new clubroom. It turns out an anonymous person has donated several ten thousands in order for the club to be. And that one turns out to be Tobias, to Karla's horror.

Part IV (Day 4, Thursday)Edit

Tobias claims he wants to join the club, since he also has a world inside an object. Asking what they should call themselves, Tobias suggested Apprentice Gods, since they do in fact govern their own worlds. And if Karla ever runs loose again, Tobias will makes sure she knows her place. As a first club activity, Tobias wants the group to be united if they are ever going to be able to cooperate, so he wants them to show what form their world has taken.

Mike shows his book, Karla shows her ring and Hannes shows his cellphone. At the same time, Tobias puts a crystal ball on the table. That is his world. Next, Tobias asked what their worlds look like, and what their overall theme is. Respectively, Mike's is peace, Karla's is fun and Hannes' is adventures. Tobias world is equivalence. He proceeds to ask if they can do something more with their objects. If their objects have any further use. Hannes looked at Karla, who looked at the wall and remained silent. Should he tell Mike about Karla or not? Suddenly, a voice appeared in Hannes head not to tell Mike. Tobias used telepathy through his crystal ball. They shouldn't tell Mike because she has something to lose. Mike's respect. Karla is obviously in love with Mike, having a tsundere attitude towards him, and they can use that to blackmail her into telling the enemie's identity.

Tobias explains that the World Objects can have special functions based on the dreams, ambitions and wishes the user had when receiving the object. He himself has a strong socialistic opinions, so it was reflected upon his world, but being a fan of culture and myths, his world also has many flavours of mystery and religion to it. That is not why the object is a crystal ball tho. It used to be a snowglobe, but all water and snow had flown out through a crack. He had tried to repair it with tape, adding an extra charm to it. Tobias then told them about one of the functions of his object. His globe can connect to the radio, and receive messages, like SMS. But a series of mysterious messages have been sent to him by the pseudonym "Blue Rook" that has guided him and revealed some of the mysteries around the objects.

Merry just sits and listens carefully. She wants to know everything about these mysterious objects. Mike says that his book records everything you do in that world, not only 2-dimensionally, but 4-dimensionally. Merry wonders what that means, and Mike explains that you can see everything you have done in that world in lenght, height, depht and time. Wich means moving 3-dimensional holograms. Hannes says that he only recently found out that their objects can do stuff, so he doesn't know. Karla glares suspiciously at Mike's book for a while.

Tobias goes through the mysterious messages he had received. They are from an anonymous person who seems to have a lot of information about the matter. She doesn't know where the objects come from, or how many there are, but she does know that there are many around the world. She also knows that there are an opposing organization that seeks these objects, but not what they want with them. Karla suddenly feels like it was a mistake to go to the club, and leaves the room in the middle of his speech. Tobias lastly says that only people with a heart of good will have a World Object, before ending the club meeting.

Part V (Day 5, Friday)Edit

Mike and Merry are confused over the fact that Karla didn't come to school the next day, but Merry are more relieved. Hannes tells her not to think too much about it though, they will just hurt their brains trying. Tobias has become sort of a club representant now, he has planned many meetings for the future. Now if only somebody could do something about the look of their clubroom, that would be splendid. At today's club meeting, Tobias announces that he donated enough money to have the clubroom. But they will have to pay a fee each month to keep it. Thus, they will have to get part-time jobs unless they want to separate from eachother. Tobias also tells Mike and Merry not to go over to Karla, or even speak to her if they see her. He claims he and Hannes will take care of that. Hannes is an expert stalker after all.

Merry calls her mom after school to know if she knows any good places that needs a part-timer. She is surprised, but was going to ask her daughter anyway. Indeed, a friend of her needed a part-timer. That friend turned out to be Hannes mom, the local hairdresser. She needed somebody to clean the place from all the hair each day. Merry accepted it without thinking about how much money she will get, and just ran over to the salon. Mike had already decided the perfect place. He went over to his precious library with all his precious books. He knew over 500 titles, of course he would get the job!

Hannes and Tobias was already stalking Karla. Hannes felt bad for it (But he had already stalked her before) and they went over to her house. They were communicating through telepathy, and Hannes told evetrything he saw as he approached Karla's house. He saw her. And a sick woman. That must be her mother. Karla was crying, and it looked like her mother comforted her. Hannes felt bad for tracking her, but Tobias said she was working for the enemy. Karla needs to know that they are not trying to help her, they are trying to hurt her. Her mother went to sleep, and Karla noticed them so she came out to confront them. She explains that the only reason she are working with the organization is because they promised to save her mother if she stole the book. She won't let anyone get in her way. But too easily, Tobias appeared and caught her with a rope. She didn't put up much of a fight.

Merry got the job. Suddenly, Hannes mom Juliette received a message, and said Merry could go home now, but she should make sure to come back the next day for more work. Meanwhile, at the library, Gretel is praising Mike for his great work. Wondering how it went for Hannes to talk to Karla, he called his phone, but nobody answered. Gretel said good bye to Mike and went home.

Part VI (Day 5, friday)Edit

In this chapter, we go back in time a little to see when Hannes and Tobias just had captured Karla. She sent out some kind of emergency message, and they took her phone from her. The message is to a special "invicible" number. The number is not registered. Beleiving the phone to be trackable, he immediately began tracking the number before the enemies find them, Due to Tobias hacking skills, he found out where the receiver is from just the phone. It turns out the one Karla had received orders from was Hannes mother. Hannes had not told his mom about his world, and decided to verify this new information by calling her.

Upon hearing this from her own son, she suddenly felt fury. She had been tricked. Her contact had told her that if she didn't follow orders, her son would be harmed. But he would anyway! Now, she had sent her contact to retrieve and silence Karla, when her own son and his friend is there. Beleive his friend can protect her son, she immediately calls back at her contact and resigns. Too bad they say. For her son is already held captive along with his friend and the girl. And now they are coming for her. Juliette is kidnapped.

Mike and Merry casually walk together in the city, when suddenly a woman with cyan hair appears in front of them, wearing som kind of temple outfit. She immideately shouts that the outfit is just for looks and that she really isn't a ninja! Merry says that the city has a lot of colorful people indeed, and Mike asks if he can help her. The woman introduces herself as Vivianne, and she owns a World Object. In her crystal necklace, a world of beauty exists, wich many castles. The necklace registers all World Objects in close proximity, and has registered all their worlds already. A special function is that she can tell if an owner is in danger, and Hannes happens to be her cousin. She wanted help to save him, so she came to them. Each castle is a gate to another world that she has registered, and they can enter her cousins world and leave from there, infiltrating succesfully.

Hannes and Tobias are actually safe, and trying to reach Karla, who has been taken to an execution room to be silenced. They are located in an old abandoned warehouse, and a mysterious person with fullbody suit are in their way. Luckily, they have not yet been seen. Hannes knows that also his mom has been taken to the execution room, so the situation is really bad. Suddenly, Mike, Merry and Vivianne bumps in, revealing their location. They are immediately attacked by the fullbody person, but Vivianne pulls out a sword and fights the person. She tells the kids to go save the hostages. When they are gone, the sword breaks in two pieces (Nobody blamed her for being a swordswoman)

The two executors was defeated by Merry's martial arts, and the two hostages was freed. Karla became extremely sentimental and hugged Merry, crying. Juliette aplogized to Karla, before wondering why there's a significant lack of guards. She came to a horrifying conclusion. Her contact was planning to self-destruct the entire building. The fullbody figure enters and takes of her mask. Gretel, the librarian, was Juliette's contact. She said that only a World owner can destroy a World Object, so she had Karla be manipulated. But she needed to manipulate somebody into manipulate her, because she didn't want the librarian to seem suspicious. When Mike found that book that day, Gretel remembered her orders. She didn't know it was in her library all along tho. She has already sent the Worlds information to the organization so that the kids can be tracked in case they survive the self-destruction. Gretel didn't get more time to talk until Karla hits her in the face, leaving her unconcious. Dragging the librarian with her, she had to wake up Vivianne who had fainted during fighting, so that they could escape. There was one more Apprentice God in the city they could use to flee.

The arc ends with a mysterious conversation from the evil organization, where they discuss Gretel's incompetence. Gretel was too soft. She could have just killed all the kids and taken the worlds by force. It doesn't matter now tho, because they can attack the group from within the worlds now. A really ball-shaped silhouette with afro-like hair appeared saying that she orders her underlings to do things her way. The other, a slender sillhouette says that she won't last long that way.

Ambush arcEdit

In this arc, the evil organization will attack the group from within the world by filling them with evil and corruption. The worlds will be properly introduced, and the real adventure begins. The last 7th main character will be introduced, and the club will be completed.

Part VII (Day 8, Monday)Edit

The organization now has their world IP's and their identities. It will be dangerous to not be undercover. But as the organization apparently hides in the darkness, it would be even more dangerous to not be in public. Alone with other world owners their soldiers could just come and assassinate them whenever. They still has to go to school, but needs a supervisor in their clubroom. Tobias says one of his many butlers or maids could come and serve them in the clubroom. After arriving at Robin's house ot his/hers surprise, all of them went to Tobias house with the excecutors and Gretel to erase their memories of the event. Tobias family is very rich, so he has access to many high-tech devices.

All of them knew Robin went to the same class as Mike, but they didn't think he or she also was an apprentice god. Only Vivianne was aware of that, and she didn't know other owners existed but her, Robin and Hannes. Now, both Robin and Vivianne has joined the club, and they continue with their meetings. However, there is one problem.

Neither Karla or Hannes comes. Vivianne explains that Hannes had become scared of being a world owner, and doesn't feel safe when even his mother was discovered working with the enemy. Juliette tried to speak Hannes to his senses, but he won't listen. Karla even came, and she is very happy that Mike even wants to hang out with her. She had been selfish, only trying to destory Mike's book to save her mother. They were poor. And Tobias was her enemy. But now thanks to him, her mother got medication and is completely ok now. Karla tells them that she will try to talk Hannes to his senses (as he is obviously in love with her) and sometimes you HAVE to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

After school, Hannes was surprised but touched by the sudden visitor. He probably does need to come to school despite his angst. Not even his cute kitties could make him happier. Karla took him out for an ice cream, sitting at the playground. But she noticed he still seemed sad. Even though he was hanging out with his stalking victim. She came up with an idea, and the both of them went into her world object. It was a paradise to him. Games everywhere, and everything was virtual! Karla then took him to a tour through the world. The next day, Hannes came to school again.

Part VIII (Day 9, Thuesday)Edit

Hannes was back this thuesday, and everybody was happy. He was back to his stalking days again. Their teacher was giving them their first homework of the term. What was so wonderful is that everybody likes this teacher because of his funny personalities. He makes teaching FUNNY, something wich teacher often has a very hard time doing. Also, Miss Lenore of their class was reading a poem she had written out high in the class, and Mike experienced love at first glance. Merry whispered to him that she is Tobias crush, he told her this weekend. Mike simply thought "The challange is on!".

During the break, Karla came up to Merry and said that they could become friends and wanted to make a new first impression. Then she said Mike was still hers, before walking away. Merry thought "The challange is on!". During the meeting, Tobias told the members that he was going to ask Lenore out on a date, to Mike's horror, so he felt like the world was gonna explode with happiness! Thus, they should do something funny instead of talking serious stuff, and decided to play a card game with 8 suits. Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Black and White.

After the game tho, Tobias received a message from the "Blue Rook" telling him more information about the organization. The name was apparently "Dark Alpha" and the members had different ranks. The 7 highest ranked members was in control of the 7 continents, and they have several lower ranked soldiers in their areas. Yes, Gretel was just one of their people in the city, There are some more. She will try to arrange it so that they can meet, but not today, since they're probably busy. Robin was perplexed.

Still, while Tobias was on his date with Lenore, Mike was watching from behind. He heard all they said, and got so jealous. Lenore is also from a rich family, and apparently was very spoiled. But still, who wouldn't want to spoil somebody with such a pretty face?! Meanwhile, Merry and Karla was playing different games to decide who would win Mike, who would be more worthy to marry him in the future. At another place in the city, Vivianne and Hannes tried their best to update Robin on recent events. Robin felt happy to be part of something, being androgynous not many dares to hang out with him/her. This is one of the highest possible happinesses for him/her.

Vivianne had been Robin's only friend for a very long time. Robin's both parents died when he/she was very little. Vivianne used to visit him/her at the orphanage up until the time when Robin was adopted. They still hung out at school, and became best friends forever. It became even better when Robin obtained his World Object. It was filled with silence. Because it was so loud in school with all the bullies.

Part IX (Day 10, Wednesday)Edit

The next day, everybody was together durng club meetings. This time, everybody was happy and helping out eachother. Tobias discusses the fact that Dark Alpha probably will attack them from within the worlds very soon, and the one behind it would be somebody in the town of course. Today, they are supposed to visit Blue Rook together as a group, oh and Tobias noticed Mike was shadowing him and Lenore. Mike denied it. Vivianne found herself staring at Mike for a while. He looked like somebody she used to know. It just burst out of her mouth. That she think she has seen somebody once that looked like Mike.

Mike's eyes went wide. He suddenly stood up and said that he wouldn't come with them to Blue Rook or whatever. Vivianne got upset, did she say something she shouldn't have? Karla threw a look of disbeleif towards Vivianne before rushing after Mike. Tobias just siad "That settles that", only the ones left would follow to Blue Rook. Robin tried to comfort Vivianne and tell her it wasn't her fault, whatever she did. As the club meeting and school ended, Tobias, Hannes, Vivianne, Robin and Merry went together to the location Blue Rook provided. Tobias had convinced Merry that karla could take care of Mike.

Over at Mike's house, Mike didn't want to speak. He had began hurting himself on his arms with a pencil, but Karla managed to stop him with some wrestling. Karla knows exactly what the problem is. She wants him to tell Vivianne and the others. Mike smiles. He tells Karla they should all go into his world tomorrow during the club meeting. He will gather all of his willpower to tell them the truth.

There's nothing where Tobias was lead. Really, there's nothing there. First, he thought he was deceived, when suddenly space distorted around him, and they all stood in the middle of a room. The was a woman with long pink ruffy hair sitting on a chair, introducing herself as Ritsuko. Or Blue Rook. 

Part X (Day 10, Wednesday)Edit

The woman told them her name was Ritsuko, and that she was the one sending the messages. Thanks to a device she stole from Dark Alpha, she can live in an inter-dimensional pocket and only invite people she trust. It is impossible for people to get in or out without her will. She used to work with Dark Alpha only to steal their information. She hooked up her computer to their databse, and when they deleted it, it was already too late. She had downloaded it. She cannot gather completely new information, and had to hide to not be killed by any of the members. She used a device to hide in the town, and has not left since she concealed herself. But she got all the space she wants, and Tobias came and saved her from loneliness. Oh and she has internet. She has some internet friends to talk with.

Mike and Karla dived into his world. There, they played with Maria, and had a sleep-over together. It is then Maria begins talking. She asks Mike what his and hers older brother was like. Tony was his name. He had a girlfriend, Mike knew that, but he would never think it was Vivianne. The world sure is small. He had had a fight with Tony the day before he dissapeared. He used to think it was his fault his brother went missing. So when he obtained his world object, his self-hatred had reflected itself upon the world and erased him. But his brother was still gone. It could only mean that it was not his fault Tony dissapeared. However, he got a sister both for a brother and an old friend. Oh yeah, his friend... Merry.

Ritsuko goes through her database and says that there must be at least 3 or more people stationed in the town. When a World Object has been found by Dark Alpha, they station at least 4 people around the area, but in special cases only 1. Gretel was one of these 4, so there should be at least 3 more in the town. Also, she should tell them the names of the 6 leaders. Margarette is the leader of North America, and looks like a fat globular woman with an afro. She really isn't pretty. Homicide of Europe likes to scare her victims, alter peoples memories and use illusions. She always captures the apprentices and make people ofrget about them. And in case they do remember, they should think he or she is dead because of a corpse that should have shown up some time ago. But of course, the corpse is also a fake memory. She doesn't know much about all the else though, EscargotLanceFragment and Serpent.

Ritsuko proceeded to download all of her information from her computer to Tobias computer. Now, since they were in just as much danger as herself, she should be able to get out from her home. Now that she has allies. She took Vivianne's necklace and installed the inter-dimensional device on it. Now, it should have more functions. Vivianne asked what it did, and Ritsuko told her there are waypoints all over the town. Should they ever get in a pinch, all of them could get into Vivianne's castle world, bringing their world objects with them and teleport to any of the waypoints. They could also get into her own home that way. But since they arep robably being attacked from within, that means her own home could be in danger. But right now, Ritsuko believes that is necessary. She can teleport to any of the owners of the books now and to any place in the town via a little control thanks to this.

Mike and Karla are still within the world, preparing for the sleep-over. Maria desires to watch the stars and they make some wishes. But suddenly, dark orbs appear on the sky, and a large purple thunder strikes Maria and she immediately dissapears to Mike's horror. His littlesister! Mike rushes in to tell her parents, but they seem to have forgotten she ever existed. Mike falls to his knees in panic, and Karla doesn't know what to do.

Part XI (Day 11, Thursday)Edit

Everybody notices during the Club meeting that Mike is in an emotional crisis. He said he would tell them everything. So he told them about his brother, and that it was Vivianne's old boyfriend, and that he himself nor his brother exists in his world because he hated himself, but it turned out it wasn't his own fault that his brother died. Vivianne was shocked. So Tony and Mike was brothers? That came as a surprise to her. Vivianne had always wondered where Tony went. he dissapeared so suddenly. Robin, Vivianne and Tony had been friends before. But when he dissapeared they tried to forget it, since they thought he had died or something. Tobias notices there's something he his hiding. Karla wonders what more there could be he hasn't told her, but Mike confirms it.

There is one more secret to his world, wich made him even more angry at himself. His wish to erase himself also killed Merry in his won world. It was because of that he was so quick to befriend her. He didn't want to loose his friend twice. She was surprised, and Mike told her that he saved her from drowning once. They were so little, but she would have died if he wasn't there. Wich was exactly what happenned. Merry didn't exactly remember, but she and everybody else was touched. Now, the only thing that kept Mike attached to the book, Maria, was gone as well. He didn't know what he was supposed to do.

Ritsuko told him it should be possible to bring Maria back, and into the real world by using Vivianne's world as a gate-way. Everybody was surprised to hear this, but for some reason Hannes seemed the most happiest about this. Anyway, Dark Alpha's attack must have already begun. Each of their worlds should already be corrupting. Everybody got worried, and Merry wondered what she could do to help. She doesn't own a World Object. It struck Ritsuko. Merry will be the only one not even remotely affected by this kind of attack! The darkness wouldn't bite on her because she is not a God Apprentice, wich means she needs to travel to each world and fight of the darkness.

That statement suddenly made Merry's blood fill with adrenaline. Omg she's a heroinne taken straight from a videogame! She decided she would save everybodies worlds with her mighty immunity and whatnot. She promises Mike she will bring Maria back for sure! Tobias orders everybody to go home and check what is wrong with their respective worlds.

Part XII (Day 11, Thursday - Day 12, Friday)Edit

Tobias has a date booked with Lenore tho, and it seems she also noticed Mike that day. When she says Mike was kind of cute Tobias is offended. Lenore says that if Tobias works a little harder, then she won't leave him for Mike. To tell the truth, Tobias is not interrested in Lenore. He knows she is just using him, and tying to makeh im jealous by suddenly hitting at Mike. The only reason he is there is to figure out her plans. Tobias knows that Lenore's family is after his own family's money. They are the richest people in the city, and have been rivals since long. And now they are like having a Battle Royale over who will win. Their dates are simply arrangements, while they are really only spying at eachother.

When Tobias gets home, he makes up a plan. He must make Lenore desperate, make her begin dating Mike. Then he will appear to be hurt and break up with her, wich will drive her into a corner. He must get Mike on it as well. Lenore will become desperate and take drastic measures. For now tho, he has to look into his world to see what is wrong, and is met by a huge shock. At all the others houses they are met with shocks to!

Mike's world is suddenly declaring wars, along with his sister dissapearing. They are fighting over something, but he doesn't quite know yet. Karla is terrified to find her world is full of bugs and glitches that eat up the attractions. Hannes finds that a dark lord seriously took over his country, exiled the king and is using his undead army to bring misery. Robin's world is attacked by colonizers who tries to take over the land, and Vivianne's world is simply engulfed in the darkness of the different worlds. If they don't save the worlds quickly, the gateways will be closed, and you cannot teleport anymore. Then Tobias faces his own world. It was terrible. The leader of the socialist community had been imprisoned and a communist dictator overcome by greed had taken the throne, and are torturing the people, isolating them and burning odwn all traces of culture. It hurts Tobias heart to watch.

The next day in club conference, they announce their discoveries. They are bloody serious. They need to come up with serious strategies to overcome this. They already have two advantages. They could defeat us from within the worlds, as we are bound to wanting to save them. Otherwise, they could just come and murder them, as they cannot teleport if they doesn't save the worlds. Merry finally begins realizing the gravity of the situation.

Noah arcEdit

In this arc, along with problems with Dark Alpha, a lot of personal problems will occur, and the protagonists will be weighted with several hardships. Also, it focuses a lot on Hannes old friend Noah.

Part XIII (Day 13, Saturday)Edit

With Mike on his side, Tobias has him go on a date with Lenore, and as he thought, Lenore has him pay everything, and messages Tobias about her date. She is so thinking she is blackmailing him or something. She thinks Tobias is stupid enough to fall for her tricks, how arrogant. He will let them be as they are for now. It would be too suspicious if he jumped out right now and reveal his plan. They can date for a little more, having Mike spy on Lenore.

On his way home, Tobias runs into Vivianne and Robin, who were going to go to the beach together. Vivianne asks Tobias if he wants to go to, and Robin hides behind Vivianne in shyness. At the beach, Vivanne buys them ice cream, and Robin tries to get as close to Vivianne as possible. But when Vivianne says they could socialize, Robin has had enough. Robin doesn't enjoy getting attached to people. Vivianne is his/her only friend. After Robin ran away, Tobias asked Vivianne what was going on. She tells him that Robin has a really hard time opening up to people because of his past. Tobias becomes sad to hear this and they go looking for him/her.

Meanwhile, Hannes and Karla is at eachother houses, and Hannes really does adore her. He doesn't know why, but from the moment he first saw her, something clicked. Karla asked if they could go into Hannes world, the rpg world, and they did. They arrived at a village where a boy with blonde hair arrived, carrying a lot of wood. He was the collector of their group, Hannes was the warrior and Karla was the ninja. And they called him Noah.

Tobias and Vivianne hears a scream, and finds Robin attacked by a dude from Tobias class, Stephen. Vivianne said that was the one who had bullied Robin all these past years, and Tobias knew him. Tobias left the football team because of Stephen's hostility. Tobias swiftly jumped into the situation and beat Stephen up, having him running away, saying he would get his revenge. Robin was surprised that Tobias came to help him, and wondered if in fact he may actually be a real friend. He/she was getting second thoughts.

After a while of hunting monsters, the undead soldiers appeared. The three of them had to hide from them, because they were way to strong. Karla suggested they leave, but Hannes refused. Noah was in danger now because of them. Noah said he would distract the soldiers, but Hannes told him he would not lose him again. Karla was confused. But she told them to wait for her.

Part XIV (Day 13, Saturday)Edit

Karla ran right into the battlefield with her fists and did her best against the group of undead soldiers. She had to defeat them to protect her friends. But Hannes saw that she was in a pinch, and told Noah that they should help, and went to help her. However, it did not end well as Noah was captured by the soldiers and they managed to escape. Hannes didn't know what to do. Karla asked who Noah really is, but Hannes refused to speak, and just hugged Karla.

In the real world, Mike and Lenore's date just ended, and Mike confirmed all the suspiciousness around her. But he couldn't deny she was quite cute, and whille uttering those words Tobias slapped him across the face. He told him to get a grip of himself. Now that that is confirmed, they just have to plan another date and strike her. Then the plan can be set in motion, and Mike agreed. The two of them might actually become quite good friends.

Merry was at the hairdresser. After Juliette's retrieval, she had been to shocked to work for a while, and has been in bed a lot. Merry thinks Juliette might be afraid her son hates her for working for such a fishy organization. Hannes has noticed that his mom drinks a lot of coffee lately, and seems very stressed and rarely talks around him. He is beginning to get quite upset. Merry thinks of approaching Juliette with the subject, but doesn't dare do it. What if Hannes becomes angry with her? Also, she has worse things to worry about. She needs to gather her courage for the coming battles and save Maria. For Mike.

Vivianne and Robin are at eachothers house after the trip to the beach. Vivianne is happy that Robin finally opened up to somebody, though he/she is still sceptic wether or not Tobias is an enemy. She/he has been bullied and abandoned too much in the years. Vivianne suggest they take a look at his/her world to see what they can help the natives with. Robin agrees and they appear in a village. They find that the village has been attacked by the colonizers, and all the men and women fit for work has been kidnapped. On the weak, old and children has been left behind. Until night, the two of them help with the work that has been left undone, and they sleep in the village to the next day.

Part XV (Day 14, Sunday)Edit

This morning, it began raining. Hannes called Karla early, and wanted her to follow him on a trip. The walked with umbrellas on the street, and Karla wondered where they were going. When they got to the park, Hannes wanted Karla to sit down next to him before he told her a story. He used to have a friend in his last city called Noah. They were best friends, and Karla actually was like him a lot. Except Karla is a girl.

Noah and Hannes went to the same class together, and had been friends since both of them could remember. Noah was always bullied by the older kids because he was so weak, the only thing that distincts Karla from Noah. One day, Noah's dad became sick and couldn't work. His mother became extremely hostile and stressed because of this, and demanded a divorce. She had a very short temper. In the middle of all this, Noah grew distant, and Hannes actually became quite depressed himself. His only friend ceased to speak to him.

However, Vivianne tried to help him and the three of them went for a trip to the tivoli. For the first time in a long time, they saw him smile. The problem with his parents must have really given a large impact on him. But they ensured everything would be fine. Both of them really liked rpg's and used to play mmos together. It was their dream to create their own mmo and simply level up and discover a brand new world. Friends is a great thing. After all those hopes that everything would be fine... 

On the way home from the tivoli, they had to use a train. Noah suddenly tripped onto the rail and was hit by the train. He died instantly. Karla was horrified. She told Hannes he didn't have to speak anymore, as he was barely able to talk. He was just hiccuping and crying. She held him closer and hugged him. Hannes almost whispered that then he bought a new phone, and it turned into a World Object. His ambitions and dreams reflected upon it, and Noah was alive! Albeit not the real Noah, he was almost the same. It was almost the same. It felt as if he had regained his friends. Due to this event, he moved to a new city and met everyone. Karla and Hannes sat on the bench for a long time in the rain.

Part XVI (Day 14, Sunday)Edit

Merry had called for Mike, and they where walking around in the town in the rain when they where approached by Lenore and her gang. Lenore had two friends, Glitter and Glimmer. Well, not really friends, they just hanged out with her because Lenore was considered cool. She had "status". That kind of ignorance and arrogance was something both of them really despised about them. The five of them passed by eachother, but not without feeling the hate for eachother in the air. Mike whispered to Merry that he and Tobias was going to teach her a lesson.

Merry and Mike arrived at Mike's place, and they went into Mike's world. There was a war going on, and Mike had dwelved deeper into the mystery. The entire world was fighting eachother for one single gem that had a nearly infinite energy source. This mysterious and almost miraculous object could allow for almost any technology, and they call it a "Philosopher's stone" after the common myth. That's why they are fighting. Supposedly it is currently located in Notre Dame, Paris, France being protected by mysterious beings called by media as "philosophers".

The many militaries are fighting over who will obtain this gem, and it was probably placed there to make an uproar. If they are going to end the war, they need to get past the guards and the Pholosophers and destroy the gem. Only then will all the darkness leave the world again. But the lives that has been lost in the war will probably never get back. Suddenly, Ritsuko interferes, and says that there IS a way to save all the lives that has been lost to evil. When the source of the corruption is gone, then all effects from said corruption will be removed. Yes, all who died in the war will effectively be revived. Feeling strong resolve, Merry and Mike agreed to do their best. To save Maria. And the world.

Meanwhile, Tobias called Hannes. Hannes had already calmed down, and answered trying not to sound too upset. Tobias asked Hannes for help, since Hannes is such a skilled stalker. Karla also demanded to follow, and they gatewayed to Tobias through Vivianne's world. There, Tobias explaied that his world has been invaded by communists. They have burned all traces of culture, and the people are suffering. He needs a spy good enough to gather information from the Red Army since he cannot gather it himself. Everybody recognises his face.

Yes, not only Merry has an important role in this mission. Tobias has realized that they need Hannes. He isn't immune to the corruption, but he is a really silent stalker. He might be able to become a very good spy. Karla could be their hitman. But they have to be cautious. Suddenly, they get an emergency call from Mike and Merry.

Part XVII (Day 14, Sunday)Edit

Merry and Mike couldn't go 5 minutes before being kidnapped by the French military. Mike had teleported them there, as he can do that with his book. It may be a little foolish to suddenly teleport to the heart of battle. Tobias felt this was the best type of situation to test out their skills. Tobias asked Mike and Merry why they didn't just teleport out from the world, and Mike replied that he thought Hannes and Karla might need some training, with a grin. While Karla and Hannes was placed on the world, Tobias observed in case he should teleport them out. Tobias had talked about training Hannes and Karla before to Mike, and he guessed Mike just went ahead with the plan without asking Merry first.

It went really well. Hannes and Karla infiltrated the prison succesfully, when suddenly an outburst of corruption attacked. The Philosophers got into the building and killed the guards. They were approaching quickly, and Tobias had to teleport them out. Everybody ended up in Tobias house, exhausted. Mike felt hopeless, now it would be even harder to save Maria and the world. But Hannes felt proud of himself. Soon maybe he can save Noah and bring him to the real world! Suddenly, a transparent sillhouette appeared behind them and smiled.

When Hannes got home, his mom looked at him with a sad face. She really did think he hated her. Hannes went to his room, and Juliette continued doing the dishes. Suddenly, the windows opened and a bright light shone inside. Juliette thought it was weird, and went to close the windows. Behind her, she heard an awfully familiar voice. It was Noah. His ghost was speaking to her. She was terrified, but Noah just casually sat down at a chair and asked Juliette about her problems. Hannes doesn't really hate her. Juliette asked him how he could be so sure, but Noah simply replied that he knows Hannes. Instead of worrying about herself, it would be better if she could help Hannes with HIS problems. As Juliette was running up the stairs, Noah smiled for himself, and a tear fell.

Part XVIII (Day 14, Sunday)Edit

Juliette and Hannes had a really emotional moment. Hannes told her everything that has been going on in their friend group, and his problem with Noah in his world. Juliette was so happy that he didn't hate her. Noah was still sitting in the kitchen. He said he had been guarding Hannes since he died. It would have been fun to go on adventures with his friends... But that's impossible isn't it. Suddenly, Hannes got a call from Karla. She was in a crisis! Everybody teleported to her, and she was crying like a crazy person. She told them her mom had collapsed. Tobias was horrified, did his medication fail?! At the hospital, Karla was holding her mothers hand, an wanted her friends to be there as emotional support. Karla said she didn't blame Tobias. Medication cannot solve everything. Karla's mother told her to tell the others to wait outside. She has something important to tell Karla.

The truth is, she says, that Karla's mom and dad didn't divorce because dad left with a beautiful woman. It is different. Suddenly Karla released her grip on her mothers hand and just looked at her. She and her dad was a great couple in the beginning, however, she was a very abusive wife. She used to hit him when he didn't listen, and sent him to the hospital once. Not realising her mistakes until he divorced, she fell into depression and became ill. She wants Karla to stop hating her father. It is not his fault. It is hers. Karla is shocked.

Karla's mom lends Karla a note with her dads adress. She has a step-mom and a step-brother who is several years younger than her! She looked at her mother in disbelief, and she just smiles. The mother tells her daughter not ot hate her for her mistakes. But now it is time for her to leave the hat on the shelf. After a casually said "I love you", her mother dies and the doctors try to save her as Karla is dragged out of the room where Hannes and Mike comfort her. Karla is a wreck. But she is happy she has her friends with her.

Treant arcEdit

Part XIX (Day 15, Monday)Edit

A new kid has come to school, Treant, and he doesn't speak very much. Merry got a sudden crush at him, but she shrugs it of as she likes Mike more. Poor Karla, she might not be able to get to know him since she is going to meet her father this day. She has already gone there. Merry, Mike and Hannes try to confront Treant to befriend him, but Lenore and her stupid two friends came first. Merry becomes furious, Lenore and her stupid "status". Lenore tries to hit on Treant after telling him she is the most popular girl on the school, and he rejects her. Because he doesn't hang out with people who think too high of themselves. Merry and Mike cracked up.

At lunch, Mike, Merry, Tobias, Hannes, Robin and Vivianne discuss if Karla is ever going to come back. Hannes answered that she told him that she will have to move there, as she has no other place to go to. Robin seems troubled. Was Karla his/her friend? Tobias and Vivianne was... But was Karla? Suddenly Merry saw that Treant appeared, so she told him to come sit with them. He didn't speak. He just kep staring at Mike. When they asked him what was going on, Treant told them that Mike looked like somebody he was looking for.

Suddenly, Vivianne stood up hastily. Mike told Treant that he had a brother that was called Tony, wich might be the one Treant was looking for. But he answered that he never got to know his real name, and showed a picture. That was Tony allright. Now they had too many questions, but Treant told them that he would keep an eye on them. He said his "contact" had dissapeared years ago, and he had gotten an interrest in the five of them because of their apparent connection to him.

At the club meeting, Treant was invited as a guest member, and Ritsuko was there to observe him. Ritsuko told them that there were more people like herself around in the United States that was opposed to Dark Alpha. Treant looked at them confused. Then he asked how much they actually knew. Because Tony was an agent opposed to Dark Alpha. Everybody suddenly gasped and stared at Treant. He was like "What, you didn't know that?"

Part XX (Day 15, Monday)Edit

Ritsuko didn't know there had been somebody else like her in the town, and Treant told them that the both of them had been wiping out Dark Alpha members one after another, but suddenly, his contact, Tony wich apparently was his name, dissapeared. Tobias named Treant an official member very quickly, and Noah's ghost, who was sitting in a corner watching them felt very hyped. Treant told them that he didn't have anymore time to speak, but he wanted to take contact with Vivianne after school.

Mike has a quick date with Lenore before going to the library to work, but Lenore seems to try making Mike jealous by only talking about Treant. Tobias felt this was the right moment to step up, and asked Lenore how many she are actually dating, and she countered by saying it's only her second date with Mike. That would be her fall. Tobias won, and Lenore bit her gloves in frustration, running home. Tobias and Mike had succeeded! Now they just had to wait for Lenore to do something drastic.

Hannes went into his world with his mom, Juliette, and she told him that there's somebody who wants to meet him. Hannes told her that they didn't have much time to save Noah, he could be tortured at that very moment. But she ensured him, Noah had been watching over Hannes for a very long time, but it seems only she can see him. She speaks Noah's words to Hannes, and he begins crying. They're in this together. They are going to oppose the undead forces together and defeat the evil lord! Juliette got really hyped, she used to play retro games a lot, so this felt like a dream come true, apparently.

Treant had a moment of truth with Vivianne, and asked her how she knew Tony. She told him that they used to be a couple before he dissapeared, and Treant replied that he as dead, to Vivianne's horror. She broke out in tears, and Treant told her that he had found Tony's burnt corpse, there were no mistake. He didn't perform a DNA test, but it had Tony's ring. And Treant was out to get his revenge and kill the murderer. He suspects their friend group, one of them must be a contact of Dark Alpha. Vivianne almost whispers her answer. "Karla".

Part XXI (Day 15, Monday)Edit

Karla has arrived at her dads house, and met her stepmother. They happily took her in and treated her, and was nice to her, and welcomed her as family. Karla got to play with her littlebrother, and she felt happy. Somehow, it didn't go as she expected. She expected to feel like an outsider. But her step-mother was really nice. In the night, she held a photo of her mother and herself, and held it close to her. She remembers.

When Mike moved in, they immediately became friends, but he seemed to really miss his old friend Merry. Karla had gotten upset, and tried to do everything, even work out to become as strong as Merry was. But she is still no match for her. Then, Mike's brother Tony had died, and soon after, Mike revealed his book and her mom became sick around the same time... Dark Alpha contacted her not soon after that... Realization! Dark Alpha had POISONED her mother!

(Already here you can see a flaw in Treants reasoning, as Tony died before Karla was contacted by Dark Alpha)

She got a message on her phone, telling her to teleport over to Hannes world, and she remembered her friends. She has to think of them. She teleported over, it was night. Hannes and Juliette was there, and she quickly hugged him. Hannes laughed. She saw that Juliette was a mage in this world, and said hello. Hannes was inviting Tobias, Mike and Merry, but Tobias couldn't come. He was waiting for Lenore's attack. Merry became a Ranger and had an impressive bow. Mike became a scholar. He practically fights with a book, to his dissapointment.

Treant asked why Vivianne's necklace was glowing. She held it, and said that Karla has teleported over to Hannes world. That murderer. Treant told them not to wait any longer, and just go there. Vivianne nodded. They teleported into Hannes world and found themselves not far away from the others. Vivianne was a gunner, and Treant turned into a dancer. Vivianne stepped forth and pointed her gun towards Karla, who was shocked. Treant came out from the forest saying that Karla is the prime suspect of murdering Tony, and despite her trying to disprove it, Vivianne wasn't convinced.

Part XXII (Day 15, Monday)Edit

Robin was suddenly dragged into his world, and found himself not between the two opposing forces, but in a black and red thindering space, where lots of monsters lived. They were identical to the philosophers of Mike's world. Robin was approached by a dude. Well he might be a girl. He/she didn't know. He/she called himself/herself Dimitri, though it was just a name he/she made up. Dimitri's original name is nothing of concern. Dimitri took Robin to somebody else. Somebody who looked just like him/her. No, it WAS him/her. Robin met his/her doppelganger!

Robin was frightened, but his/her other self tried to calm him/her down. The other Robin said that when Robin's parents died, and he got to the orphanage, he was bullied. But that is not why his world was filled with silence. It is because Robin had sealed away his/her other self deep into the his/her world. Robin used to be opposed to Dark Alpha since way back, but didn't own a World Object. He/she worked with Tony, together with his/her bodyguards Dimitri and Levi to defeat Dark Alpha. But when it became too dangerous, Tony forged a plan to protect his brother. He was to pose dead, and so he used what he had to create a fake body, and put his ring on it to later burn it. This would ensure that people would think he was dead.

Tony left a letter at the corpse, with a code only his companions Robin and Treant would understand, but Gretel had already found it and destroyed it. After that, Robin found it too risky to remain in the world, and soon obtained a world object. He/she sealed away his/her memories in the object and left his/her pure self in the real world, not knowing anything of Dark Alpha, just having his/her world object there. He/she became closer friends with Vivianne, but trusted nobody because people bullied him/her for his andogrynity. Due to the burning of the letter, Treant misunderstood when he found the corpse, wich happenned not long ago in the summer. Now, he seems to have turned Vivianne against Karla and they are thinking of murdering her.

Robin is shocked, and says that they could reunite, but his/her other self told Robin that they would be different personalities in the same body. But Robin didn't care, and they forcefully reunited, and teleported into Hannes world. Dimitri and Levi followed. Robin turned into a paladin, and his bodyguards got wings. Robin slowly walked into the silent forest, his other persona controlling him. The eerie wind engulfed them. Vivianne turned around and saw her friend, who came up and beat her to the ground. The fullmoon was watching carefully.

Part XXIII (Day 16, Tuesday)Edit

The bell struck midnight, and Robin had just flinged Vivianne onto the ground and took her pistols. Treant was astonished. Robin told him that he knew Tony. No, in fact, they used to be companions. First now treant understood who Robin was, and asked what was going on. Karla murdered Tony! But Robin told him he was wrong, and told him the whole story. Snce Tony hasn't come back yet, he is probably held captive by Margarette at the moment. Treant begged for forgiveness, and Karla understood nothing. Were they going to save Noah or not?

Suddenly, a massive ammount of undead appeared, and Robin told them all to fight for their lives. Treant couldn't stop crying, but Hannes and Karla got him on his feet. They are 10 people... And uhm 1 ghost. They should be able to handle some petty zombies and skeletons! But soon, Mike noticed a precense he had felt before. Philosophers. They were heading their way! Merry remembered what they said about her being immune to the darkness, so she tried to confront the philosophers, and somehow, a barrier appeared around them. They took this time to teleport out again. Karla said good bye, and they dissappeared.

Everyone went to sleep. But Treant just sat in a corner of his house. He was about to kill an innocent person. He has Robin to thank for his innocense. Robin is his savior. Maybe it would be better if he didn't come to school again. But then Hannes sent him a message telling him that it would be good to see him again the next day. What good would that do, he'd just go around killing innocent people. Maybe... He should just end it here. He writes "good bye" on the phone and goes to sleep.

Robin speaks to his/her bodyguards, and tells them to continue fighting of the philosophers in the world. Because if they don't the war between the natives and the invaders will get worse. It is a war, like the one in Mike's world, but in this one, the leader of the invaders is using the philosophers stone to control his people and attempt to take over the world. Dimitri and Levi are needed there, so before turning back to innocent Robin, scary Robin takes farewell.

Part XXIV (Day 17, Wednesday)Edit

Everybody noticed that Treant didn't come to school. And from their experience, this meant something bad had happenned. Well, or it could mean somebody was sick, but due to the circumstances, this could be worse than before. Treant almost had Karla killed, and even tho Vivianne almost did so, Karla forgave her blindness. It was as if Treant had manipulated her. So she wasn't blamed. Treant probably felt like he would never be forgiven. Hannes had gotten that message. And he soon realized the gravity of the situation, and quickly left the classroom and tried to text Treant. Treant didn't have a world object, so finding him would be hard.

It was then Hannes went to the bridge, and saw that Treant was going to jump! As he fell, Hannes jumped forward and cought Treants hand, trying to pull him up. But he isn't very strong, so he wasn't able to. Treant said it was okay, and let go. Hannes was frightened, and on reflex, he three his phone on Treant wich suddenly turned into a water armor. One of the armors that Hannes obtained in his world. It makes you being able to breath underwater while protecting you!

Meanwhile, Tobias and Robin had a break, and ran into Stephen, who tried to beat him up. Tobias tried to help him, but Robin told him to not try. He/she can handle Stephen on his/her own now. Robin changed persona, and threw Stephen 3 meters over his/her shoulder. All the students around gasped in awe as Stephen was lying there in the grass, whimpering. Everybody cheered for Robin. For the FIRST time, people began noticing Robin.

Soon enough, Hannes managed to retrieve Treant and his phone at the end of the river. He was alive, but had some bruises, so Hannes called Vivianne to come and help him carry Treant to the hospital. There, when he woke up, they told him never to attempt such a thing again, for even tho he may have left a bad first impression, they have just met. They want to get to know him better. Treant began crying uncontrollably, and Vivianne hugged him, telling him that Dark Alpha must have given birth to many unfortunate children as him. Robin... Mike... Karla... They have all experienced the evil of Dark Alpha. She will make sure to save those people.

Arc 5Edit

Part XXV (Day 17, Wednesday)Edit

Vivianne and Hannes had to get back to class, and went to the club meeting. Robin didn't get to come, as he/she got a detention for beating up Stephen. Robin doesn't care too much, as he/she finally was able to do something he/she always had wanted to do. During the club meeting, they spoke about Vivianne's new idea. She is thinking of making a website for the World Club in order to save the people who have been tormented by Dark Alpha. Also, Hannes spoke about his discovery. He finally found out what his world object could do.

Karla looked out the window of her house. She still haven't gone to her new school, and Tobias called her. He said that if she wanted to, he had enough money to let her stay at his house. Karla was very happy, and told her dad about this. he became sad at first, but said that she must visit often. And then her step-mother burst in and said that they had just finally met. She could stay until Sunday and move back then so she can ocntinue school on Monday. She wants to get to know the famed daughter better. Karla announced it to Tobias, and he understood.

After making the website together with Tobias and Ritsuko, they made it so that Dark Alpha cannot see the website. Only people they trust can see it's contents. Treant gave them the world ID's of world object people he had met on his missions with Robin and Tony, and installed them. They had 11 people installed that they had never met before that required their help. Vivianne felt accomplished. Also, she had to install her friend from another state. Indeed, she doesn't talk about it very much, but she has a friend from Florida who used to be her penpal. Her name is Rose, and they are still speaking by letters.

Anyhow, with their new skills, the World Club has decided to go headfirst into the worlds and finish them one after another. They have been through too much, and have not really had enough time to bond as a group. Hannes no longer had a crush on Karla, because he had confused his feeling for her. He actually wanted to be her friend no matter what because she reminded him of Noah. That's right... They have to save Noah. And Maria.

They decided to do both. Mike, Merry, Tobias and Vivianne are going to save Maria. Hannes, Treant and Robin are going to save Noah. Noah's ghost is also stalking his rescue team. Meanwhile, Dimitri and Levi will take care of Robin's world and Juliette and Ritsuko will have a really long tea party. Oh and the kids have decided to skip school Thursday and Friday. Karla won't be helping, as technically she can't with her parents being around and all. Tobias also came up with a plan to set up a trap to capture Lenore when she breaks into his house.

Part XXVI (Day 17, Wednesday)Edit

The entire world is at war, trying to reach the Philosopher's stone in Notre Dame, Paris, France. This stone emmits nearly infinite energy, and as such everybody wants to use it. Also, Maria has dissapeared, and Mike, Merry, Tobias and Vivianne are going to save her.

Back on the battlefield and not knowing where they should start, Tobias suggests they should try talk to the leader of the french troops. If that is possible. They should just leave that to him, and Mike can stay back and ensure Tobias doesn't get hurt. With the help of Vivianne's world, he could just rapidly switch in and out and make it look like he's teleporting. Meanwhile, Vivianne tries to find out a way to get past the philosophers, with the help of Merry. Together, they try to force themselves through the philosophers. The french soldiers try to stop them, but couldn't. As they try to head deeper into the church, they see a silhouette inside the church halls that looks at them and shoots them straight out of the church with a boom.

Tobias and Mike are just outside the military HQ. Tobias then teleports inside, and slips by the guards. The intruder alarm is triggered, but that won't help them. Tobias barges into the commanders room, and asks them if they have any will to cooperate. They attempt to shoot him, but Tobias was able to teleport forth and grab the commanders neck. She had to tell her soldiers to stop. When she asked him who he was, Tobias didn't say anything. He just told her that they should cooperate to get an end on the philosophers. It would be bad if they consumed the world. If they could restore the world, then everybody killed by the philosophers would be revived. The commander questioned him, but told him he could do whatever with her soldiers if he was speaking the truth. Tobias let go, but then she used electricity to knock him unconcious. She was going to have that infinite power source no matter what.

The reason Mike hadn't reacted was because a girl called Wendy had suddenly appeared asking him what he was doing on a rooftop. He told her that it was none of her concern, so she tried to make him speak with cookies. And Mike is very weak against cookies. He told Wendy pretty much everything, and she totally believed it all. Then he asked her who she was. Wendy told him she was a solo-soldier from Sweden who was after to end the war. Oh, and she has that Mary Sue thing to her. She asked him how his friend was doing, and they teleported to him and ended up in a prison cell with an unconcious Tobias.

Karla moves back

Mikes world and Hannes world are completed

Maria and Noah are retrieved

Dark Alpha soldier Gerda appears and becomes the antagonist

Hannes, Treant, Juliette and Noah moves

Ritsuko's past and death

Crush ChartEdit

No book or anime can be truly humorous without a large cast with intertwining crushes, also called love triangles. While a love triangle can get kinda funny, larger systems allow for even funnier scenes. Since the book has a complex system of relationships, here is an easy to use chart of relationship.

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  • While not important for this books story, the world of the first book exists in a World Object, so they are connected. Rita eliminated the european Dark Alpha-leader and is the new apprentice god of that world.
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