This page is for "memes" or rather, memorable quotes and running gags on the server.

  • Zazer did it. Due to Zazer's rather annoying tendency to "borrow" things without asking, if one of our items are missing, we jokingly blame Zazer for it. Even if we don't mean it, we wouldn't put it past him.
  • I am saying wich a lot, wich is not very good for my standars. A sentence that Floralpikmin99 said in her first episode wich was later referenced by Arceusrules98. Wich can also be heard as "witch", and she said it without thinking in the same sentence she joked about it, wich makes it even more memorable.
  • Flying Burritos. After caving once, Floral said she thought she saw a flying burrito in-game, but it was of course just a bat. Since then, bats are called flying burritos xD
  • Edoggf. I have seriously no idea xD