Mantorujin is a Titan created by Floralpikmin99 for her fan-fiction GALAXY. Mantorujin is a replacement for the scrapped Titan Hikyokin. This Titan is the ancestor of the Guardian Groudon along with the Secret Tribe of the Feros. This Titan comonly traveled to Earth to feed and rest and thus it perished on Earth.

Elements and AbilitiesEdit

Mantorujin has the powerful Element of Earth. Using their powerful ability to terreform the landscape of any planet they travel to allows Mantorujin to find prey other creatures might miss. Mantorujin is one of the bulkiest Titans however, making him considerable slower than the others. However, to catch fast and smaller prey Mantorujin can release tenticle-like appendages that catch and absorb prey. Mantorujin is the only Titan to use this ability while others could if they wanted too.

Although being bulky, Mantorujin can actually fly to leave the planet that they are currently on. Their wings are so huge and powerful though that it usually causes wind storms below, bringing out even more prey.


Mantorujin has a much more muscular and rough appearance compared to the other Titans. It also has back scales along with face and limb armor. It also has four different pairs of nostrills with three pairs on its neck and the last two on its snout. While traveling through space, Mantorujin can breath out of these to propell themself forward.

Mantorujin's art.