Gillas are a race found on a mysterious planet unknown to humans. They're based on small lizard-like creatures that prefer to live in warm and tropical areas. They seem to have a strong connection with the Soulflies, since the two creatures seem to live in perfect harmony together.
Pirue T-Shirt

Pirue and his Soulfly Kira.

Pirue is an Alpha gilla, his distinguishable quallities are the sets of feathers. Normal Gillas only have two feathers that serve as ears for them.


Gillas are a relatively peaceful species. While they tend not to interact much with other creatures or tribes, they're willing to nurse any wounded creature back to full health. They seem to know what berries and herbs are needed to treat certain wounds and injuries.

Gillas appear to also have a telepathic feild around them, making them able to communicate to creatures around them, yet they seem to be able to avoid the creatures who pose a threat.

Male Gillas usually have a blue color with large feathers and a longer tail, while females usually have a purple color and shorter features. 


The only current appearance gillas make are in the uncreated game called Pirue. They currently have no other planned appearances.