The Foxus are a creature Floralpikmin99 created as a Secret Tribe. However unlike most other tribes this is a tribe that has not been mentioned in the Secret Tribes-trilogy along with Dream Angels. The Foxus are a tribe based on the Fox in Japanese mythology, rumored to have the power to have illusions, as well as the Ninetails, since they usually have multiple tails.

Xen is a character made for GALAXY and is one of the very few Foxus ever mentioned. They are a relatively small tribe, and are very hidden compared to the others. Unlike their mythological origins the majority of Foxus focus their ability to use multiple elements. Only a select few have the ability to create powerful Illusions, Including Xen.


Foxus are a relatively calm and colected tribe. While the other tribes are all connected in one way or another, the Foxus are solitary and prefer to stay among themselves only. They are also considerably wiser than any other Tribe, as they can see small parts of the future, predicting either terrible or joyous events.