Female Crystal Sprite
Profile of Floral
Age 14
Grade 9th Grade
Affiliations Team Edogg
Appearances Minecraft Episodes
Nicknames Floral, Jclermont, Unown99
Floralpikmin99 is the founder of Team Edogg, and the owner of the Minecraft server. Her username is based off os the Nintendo game Pikmin, one of the first games she played. Her Minecraft name is actually jclermont, which is her father's Twitter account. She also lives in the USA, more specifically Wisconsin. She also has a cat, much like Arceus. Her cat makes noise in some episodes of her Minecraft sereis. According to Floral, the cat decides when she has played enough.

Flora is an artist, also along with Arceus. She mainly tends to draw creatures, most importantly Pokemon and The Secret Tribes.

Floral has a tendency to add "Uhm" to the end of her sentences, effectively creating a catchphrace. Another catchphrace is "UNDER CONTROL" which she says after barely surviving something fatal or getting her items after dying.

Creative CornerEdit

Floralpikmin99's Pokémon Team


Floralpikmin99 happens to be a skilled writer, and has a really wild but creative imagination. GALAXY is a crossover fanfic. Also, another noticeable feat is the Secret Tribes-trilogy, her trilogy of novellas.


The Time Keeper

The Dream Chaser

The Memory Finder


Creating games is an ambitious thing, and many plans to make one. However, Floralpikmin99 are more likely to make a game, since her dad is a programmer. However, some will be fangames.


Pokemon Gilded Legends

7 Lost Stones


While you can alternatively go to her Deviantart to see some of her pictures, she will also upload some on this wikia.

Floralpikmin99's drawings

Floralpikmin99's pixel-art

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