Feros are a more hidden type of tribe that are the opposite of the Crystal sprite tribe. Both of these tribes appeared in   Floralpikmin99's Secret Tribes-trilogy. They are based on the pheonix, due to their bird-like features and their connection to fire.

Their name also is similar to Iron, however this currently has no significance in any form of media.

Appearance & BehaviorEdit

Feros have a relatively simple design. They resemble a pheonix-Humanoid, having hands on their wings and a more upright posture compared to a bird.

A Female Feros in flight.

Male Feros have larger head feathers, and seem to be almost irridecent, while the females have a more grayish color, and shorter, softer, feathers.

Weapons & CreationsEdit

Feros have very few unique creations compared to other tribes. They have a more tribal philosophy, and while they make wooden huts and tribal communities. They also have more wood-based weapons, compared to other tribes who use silver and gold.

However, due to living in a deep chasm they use rare metals on rare occasions, but usually they use magma and other heated materials by lathering the molten material over their wings and slam into their opponent.


The only current media for a Feros to make an appearance is in the Secret Tribes-Trilogy. However, much like the other tribes they might be later appear in GALAXY.