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Welcome to the Official Edogg Wikia. Here all the various projects and lore created by each and every member of the team are recorded and expanded all in an organized way. The projects range from simple fan-fictions, all the way to the largest of projects being completely made-up creations. All characters and projects featured on this wiki belong to their rightful owners, and cannot be used by outside sources without direct permission.

The date is 17/11/2018 and the time is 02:10. Currently we have 146 pages on the wikia, and we passed the 100 page anniversary the 23rd August 2013, with the page Nightmares. Since the creation of this wiki, the 30th of July, many things are still to be improved.

Look up the Achievements page to see what achievements you as a user can get. Some achievements can ONLY be given through an admin, and not through the wiki itself.

Team Edogg Backstory

Floralpikmin99 is the initial founder, and all credit for the name Edogg goes to her. "Edogg" comes from the name of a city she was going to make on a public server. But it was put to a hiatus when Arceusrules98 suggested a survival server. Initially, only those two and Bluestone was invited. But after Helen was invited, so was Zazer and Austin. And since Helen shared her account with another friend, and she has gotten her own now a 7th member of Team Edogg is expected. However, she has as of yet not stepped foot on the server. There's also an 8th unconfirmed member of team, Viktor.

Only 2 people of the team are currently making videos and uploading them to youtube. Those are Floralpikmin99 and Arceusrules. While Floral's episodes are usually about 30 minutes long, Arceus' videos are always below 15.



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