Edogg is not only a term that Floralpikmin99 invented from her imaginable imagination, it is also the name of the grand server that many of Team Edogg play on. The server has gone through many versions and has changed world a lot of times. This page will list all different versions and their features.

Present version of EdoggEdit

The present version of Edogg is a survival server with a whitelist. This is the server on wich the several Minecraft videos were recorded, and where a major part of Team Edogg are playing. The map is being made by Arceusrules98, and a subway is currently being built to connect the main continent of Edogg.


Currently, only one continent is known to Team Edogg, and that one is also called Edogg, as of right now. The most important places on Edogg is Hub Village and Horse Outpost right now.

Future version of EdoggEdit

Soon, with 1.7 Minecraft and with Viktor joining the server, a new Edogg will see the sunlight. It will give the members of the team new occupations as well of having a more structured Hub Village. It will also use a new set of specific Rules.

The following procedures will be followed after creating this server.

  • Make a Spawn Village, where temporary small houses will be built by members of Team Edogg. Here, and around this area, the members are to gather a certain ammount of materials to prepare for making the Hub City.
  • When the agreed ammount of materials have been gathered, a suitable spot for the Hub City is to looked for. Perferrably a plains biome, no matter how far away it is.
  • Make a road from the Hub City to the Spawn Village, following the rules of roads.
  • Build the beginning of the Town Square, and several of the roads, as well as mark out where important buildings are supposed to be.
  • Build your respective Hub houses in the city, and move out for new adventures

Symbols of EdoggEdit


Flag Edogg 1
Flag A

A brighter version of the flag that symbolizes the morning and beginning of a Minecraft day.

Flag Edogg 2
Flag B

A darker version of the flag that symbolizes the day and adventurous part of a Minecraft day.

Flag Edogg 3
Flag C

A blue version of the flag that symbolizes the night and the battlefield of a Minecraft day.

Flag-T 1
T-Square A

The flag of the T-Square Fortress.

Flag-T 2
T-Square B

The alternative flag of the T-Square Fortress.