Dregians are one of the Secret Tribes that are focused on in Floralpikmin99's Book Trilogy. They live near the center of the earth, making their body temperatures incredibly hot, yet maintaining a cool external temperature. Their bodies resemble dragons. They also are considered the oposite of the Dream Angel tribe. 

Appearance & BehaviorEdit

Dregians for the most part have green body scales, black claws, Wing, and head scales, and yellow underbelly scales. Their bodies are incredibly lightweight, due to their hollow bones, much like a bird's bones. Their wings are bat-like, having fingers and a skin membrane. Their large wings allow them to both fly quickly, and in some cases, act as fins when swimming.

Male Dregians have longer ears and head spikes, while the females tend to have shorter features. 

A Male Dregian

Dregians are typically found by themselves, maybe with a mate or such. They prefer to stay in quiet places, due to their sensitive hearing. They also prefer to be peaceful twoards other tribes and people of their own. Due to their quiet and peaceful nature, they are actually hardly noticed when on the surface of the planet, making spoting a Dregian rare.

Dregians lastly have the ability to use various abilities from the Fire Element. Due to their hot interiors, they can have a burning bite when provoked. They also, like Dragons have the ability to breathe fire at an opponent. Finally, they also have very tough, heat-resistant scales. While this protect the creatures that happen to touch a Dregian, it also gives them the ability to swim through lava in extreme cases.

Weapons & CreationsEdit

Dregian works seem to resemble Medival styled creations. They live under the rule of a King and Queen and their children then after. They also live in Village-like settlements while they have a castle in the middle of a group of settlements. They seem to harvest and farm a variety of berries, despite their Dragonic appearance they do feed on vegitation.

Their weaponry also resembles Medival weapons such as Bows and Swords. Much like the other tribes though, the weapons are upgraded to use a variety of elements. They also make their elements out of Silver and Gold, also like the other tribes.


The Dregian's main appearance is in the book The Dream Chaser written by Floral. The two main dregians mentioned in the book was the prince of the Dregians Anacoumous and his adopted sister Amacou.

Dregians also have a planned apearance in another creation of Floral, GALAXY, but they have yet to appear.