Denumi was the very first city built by Floralpikmin99 and could be counted as the first bulding of Team Edogg.  There were two parts to the city: the water town and the land town. The water town was a wooden platform with cobblestone edges, and had houses for Floral and Bluestone, a few different farms, a shop, a mine shaft, and a central fountain lit up by glowstone. There was also a storm shelter which had chests full of items, and some of which were gotten using /give (Such as nether portals, water, lava, etc.). The land town had many buildings, including shops, homes, a meeting room, and a castle for Floral. If you were to go further down the path, you would see Bluestone Castle.  Bluestone Castle had one tower on the top and had a box shape with the slab-block-slab pattern on the top.  Also, in the basement, there was a kitchen, tiled with iron and obsidian, had a few tables, and had a chest of food and two everlasting burning furnaces in the enclosed area in the back. The castle had a area with a chain of music blocks outside, which was built by Blue as a test for how items such as redstone repeaters and music blocks worked.  It was originally supposed to be a large computer. Off in the mountains, there is also a flooded house with glowstone and appliances like a crafting table and a furnace.