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This dungeon is the trickiest of them all, and is based on the Hexaflexagon. There's 9 dimensions, and you can keep track on them with the Hexaflexagon Compass you get deeper into the dungeon. You obtain a Block Dispenser to collect blocks, and each block change colors depending on the dimension.


Red DimensionEdit

In this dimension, blocks turn red and spread when placed in the right spot. However, there are no blocks to be collected and must be imported. Spread blocks cannot be collected, and are immobile, but if you have put a red block elsewhere, it can be collected.

Blue Dimension Edit

In this dimension, blocks will be affected by certain gravity fields generated by crystals. They have to be moved in a certain way to get to their goal.

Green Dimension Edit

Yellow DimensionEdit

In this dimension, blocks turn yellow and becomes really heavy. The player becomes slow and weak, but you can duplicate blocks by hitting them with your sword. However, the Yellow Dimension is full of cracked flooring, so be cautious.

Cyan Dimension Edit

Purple Dimension Edit

In this dimension, blocks turn purple and becomes really light. The player becomes quick and strong, but your ammount of blocks will deplete while being there and you cannot place anything. When you run out of blocks you die, so you have to collect to survive.

Der Dimension Edit

Eulb Dimension Edit

Neerg DimensionEdit

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