Dark Alpha is a dark and evil organization lurking in the underworld of the planet. They want to steal all the World Objects, even if they have to eliminate the Apprentice Gods. Actually, they find that very act to be convenient. They want the books because "playing god in itself is hubris" but the real reason is because they themselves desires to analyze and mass produce World Objects for several reasons. The possiblities are endless for the wrong owner.

While there are 6 leaders called alpha pillars, there is somebody above them, giving them their orders to collect the World Objects, and his identity is unknown. However, his reason to collect the objects might be different from his underlings.

While the organization was first mentioned in My Classmate is a God, they were the ones pulling the string in In the Name of Hope to experiment with a world.


King Edit

The prominent leader, unknown to even his underlings.

Margarette Edit

North America's Alpha pillar.

Homicide Edit

Europa's Alpha pillar.

Escargot Edit

Africa's Alpha pillar.

Lance Edit

Asia's Alpha pillar.

Fragment Edit

Oceania's Alpha pillar.

Serpent Edit

South America's Alpha pillar.