Crystal Sprites are a very mysterious tribe that tend to stay around people of their own tribe, and hide from those who aren't. Like most of the other Tribes, they were made by Floralpikmin99 as a part of her Secret Tribes trilogy. They are said to live in a hidden valley, and are catagorized as being part Insect.

Appearance & BehaviorEdit

Crystal Sprites, much like Dregians tend to stay quiet and to themselves. They do this due to their cold bodies and any contact with another creature can result in frostbite, as well as a frozen landscape. They wear black and blue clothes, which resemble their crystals. While they stand out in any biome, they have the ability to use small illusions, as well as bending temperature and water molecules to freeze wherever and whatever they want. They have the ability to make permanent crystals, but it takes a lot of energy from them, so they try not to use it when in battle, unless in a dire situation.

They rightfully have power over the Ice Element and it's many abilities. They also have the ability to fuse with another element and obtain Plasma based abilities. This fusion occurs due to their connection to the Guardian Kyurem, who has the ability to fuse with Reshiram and Zekrom. Accordingly, they have the easiest time fusing with members of the Dream Angel and Dregian tribes who resemble the two Guardians respectively.

Also due to their heritage of the Moon Tribe, they also have clothing that resemble their inventions as well as Spatial figures. Male Sprites have a Cresent Moon headpeice while Females have Stars.
Female Crystal Sprite

Female Crystal Sprite