The Cookie Village, in Cookie Desert, was first found by Floralpikmin99 and Arceusrules98 in one of her Minecraft Livestreams, and it was attacked by zombies. While they desperately tried to save the zombies, only one villager was left alive. It might just become a ghost village one day. Also, during that same night, Arceus managed to drown himself inside the village well by blocking his passage with fences. He attempted to make an underwater base.

The Cookie Village is in a pinch, currently there's plans to take the villager Floral cured from Horse Outpost to the village to repopulate, but maybe more villagers will be needed. Maybe Floral can finally cure as many zombie villagers as she wants...

New serverEdit

With the coming server restart, a new Cookie Village will have to be found. As a tribute to the last one, it should be compromised of only cured zombie villagers.