The Carci

It's some kind of species from 7 Lost Stones by Floralpikmin99. The template was made by her for a contest on the Sporum, and the one who made the design is Drag0n0us.


Once a shy, timid creature that lived in the elemental temple, but like the Microw, the Carci was turned into an evil dark monster of the shadow lord. Carcies help guard the elemental opal, Carcies jump up and attack their opponent from above, if the Carci misses, it can stumble and not be able to get back up for some time. One Carci can call on Microws to help it in battle, or it can be called by a boss to help guard the stolen gem. Carcies are abel to also grab their opponent and head bash them if it needed to flee. Carcies tend to flee when they realize their foe is stronger.

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