Age 14
Grade 9th Grade
Affiliations Team Edogg, Team Bluestonia
Appearances Minecraft Episodes
Nicknames None
Bluestone is both Zazer's friend and Floralpikmin99's littlebrother. He certainly gives a good first impression, and are desperately trying to uphold rules in the creation process of is own server, wich he wants to publish. But people keep blowing it up instead of helping.

Bluestone is the leader of his own team, and is only kind of a guest member of Team Edogg. His own team is called Team Bluestonia. This theme of bluestone came by chance, as when he got his own Minecraft profile he was rushed to come up with a name and simply combined blue with redstone. His server is called Bluestonia. Ironically, not all inhabitants are blue.

Team Edogg
Main Members

Floralpikmin99Arceusrules98HelenAustinRealJclermontMarie102798, Viktor

Guest Members


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