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Arceusrules98 is kind of making a trilogy of a few books with very summarized chapters, but that is only because he isn't good at making large and long chapters, but he IS good at writing small summarized chapters and has quite some imagination. "Journeys" won't take place at a specific time and will be scattered across the timeline.

Book 1. In the Name of Hope

Book 2. My Classmate is a God

Book 3. Journeys

Book 4. Cross-over




My Classmate is a God takes place during the entire fall and winter.

Karin and Devon are captured by "Isabelle" during the winter.


In the Name of Hope takes place in the early spring and ends during the summer.

Rita meets herself in the real world.

2012 The Cross-over will take place during almost the whole year.
Arceusrules98's Trilogy
In the Name of HopeMy Classmate is a God, Journeys, Cross-over